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Devotional Story

I'll Be Back He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters. Psalm 18:16, NIV.

Pain cramped Chris's fingers; his teeth chattered from the cold. He couldn't feel his toes-his feet either, for that matter. Chris looked down and discovered he'd lost his left sneaker. How much longer could he hold on? Where had the man gone to for help? The Yukon Territory? He knew there was a ranger station less than a mile away.

When it seemed impossible for him to hold on to the branch a minute longer, the logger burst out of the woods, along with several forest rangers. One of the rangers shouted, “Keep holding on,” and pointed to the sky.

Chris looked up. A helicopter! As the copter drew nearer, a man leaned out of the door and dangled a looped rope to Chris. “Loop it around your waist and hold on!” he shouted.

Chris obeyed. He felt himself being lifted out of the water and swinging through open air to a field where paramedics waited to take him to the hospital.

God's people are caught in a raging river more dangerous than Chris's. The angry current of sin tries to sweep us to destruction. Our heavenly Rescuer shouts, “Hold on! I'll save you!”

More certain than the return of Chris's rescuer is that Jesus will keep His promise. In the meantime, hold on!

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